December 31, 1968

January 01 – The Jim Martin Band plus the New Jacobeats

January 10, 12, 13 – Jim Martin Band

February 14, 16, 17 – Renee Barr – Although she was booked, the dates were cancelled due to illness and it seems no replacement was found

March 06, 08, 09 – London’s most exciting exotic dancer – Jill Chatrell

March 09 – Jill Chatrell will not be appearing. In her place will be the speciality and exotic dancer from North Of England Marie

March 22, 23 – The Settlers, Britains foremost vocal trio. Price increase to 7/6-

Come dancing every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

May 03, 04 – Margo Delmar. Clubland’s most exciting exotic dancer

May 22, 24, The Allan James duo

May 31/June 01 – Nepenthe. The fabulous coloured American soul singer

June 17 – It’s a real rave-up with The Sponge. Beat at it’s best!

August 23 – Malcolm Clarke And The Cresters with the resident Jim Martin Band

September 18, 21 – For the singer with the way-way out revealing dresses. Meet Dawn Barrie. (Ed: I’m a bit confused by this ¬†description. What way-out revealing dresses have to do with singing is anyone’s guess. Was this a way of describing yet another “exotic dancer” or stripper?)

September 27 – The M.D.E. Club’s Sunday Discotheque starts

September 28 – This act is provacative! It’s daring! It’s exciting! You must see Malaika Mandes, clubland’s sensational snake dancer.

October 14 – The M.D.E. Club’s Special Midnight Matinee. K.H.G. Rules plus The Hi-Steppin’ Damson Jam.

October 26 – The fabulous singing trio – The Freemen

November 23 – The top singing pair – The Bernie Tutton Duo

December 07 – The Darren Brothers vocal harmony and instrumental comedy

December 24 – Young Conservatives present Sockittomesanta with Charge Of The Light Brigade plus the Jim Martin Quartet

December 25 – Moray Dance Club presents Xmas Day Carnival with Jim Martin Band plus Soul Purpose

December 27 – Jim Martin Band

December 28 – Jim Martin Band

December 31 – Elgin Jazz Club presents Hogmanay Hop with The T-Set

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