January 01 – The Jim Martin Band plus the New Jacobeats

January 10, 12, 13 – Jim Martin Band

February 14, 16, 17 – Renee Barr – Although she was booked, the dates were cancelled due to illness and it seems no replacement was found

March 06, 08, 09 – London’s most exciting exotic dancer – Jill Chatrell

March 09 – Jill Chatrell will not be appearing. In her place will be the speciality and exotic dancer from North Of England Marie

March 22, 23 – The Settlers, Britains foremost vocal trio. Price increase to 7/6-

Come dancing every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

May 03, 04 – Margo Delmar. Clubland’s most exciting exotic dancer

May 22, 24, The Allan James duo

May 31/June 01 – Nepenthe. The fabulous coloured American soul singer

June 17 – It’s a real rave-up with The Sponge. Beat at it’s best!

August 23 – Malcolm Clarke And The Cresters with the resident Jim Martin Band

September 18, 21 – For the singer with the way-way out revealing dresses. Meet Dawn Barrie. (Ed: I’m a bit confused by this  description. What way-out revealing dresses have to do with singing is anyone’s guess. Was this a way of describing yet another “exotic dancer” or stripper?)

September 27 – The M.D.E. Club’s Sunday Discotheque starts

September 28 – This act is provacative! It’s daring! It’s exciting! You must see Malaika Mandes, clubland’s sensational snake dancer.

October 14 – The M.D.E. Club’s Special Midnight Matinee. K.H.G. Rules plus The Hi-Steppin’ Damson Jam.

October 26 – The fabulous singing trio – The Freemen

November 23 – The top singing pair – The Bernie Tutton Duo

December 07 – The Darren Brothers vocal harmony and instrumental comedy

December 24 – Young Conservatives present Sockittomesanta with Charge Of The Light Brigade plus the Jim Martin Quartet

December 25 – Moray Dance Club presents Xmas Day Carnival with Jim Martin Band plus Soul Purpose

December 27 – Jim Martin Band

December 28 – Jim Martin Band

December 31 – Elgin Jazz Club presents Hogmanay Hop with The T-Set

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One Response to 1968

  1. Emma Mugridge says:

    The Freemen, who appeared on October 26, comprised Brian Mugridge (my father), his brother Stuart and Alf Grainger. Sadly, Stuart was the last and passed away on 6 October 2010. It would be great if there is anyone who could share their memories of the group, who were incredibly fond of Scotland, as this will be added to our family tree archive.

    Many thanks,

    Emma Mugridge

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