To navigate through the years, use the Archives box on the right. December 1960 will give the complete listing for that year. Anyone is free to post comments. Any images or information relating to the Ballroom, the bands that played there or Albert Bonici would be much appreciated.


9 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Tommy McEwan says:

    Hi. I would like to set the records straight on the Pink Floyd gig in The Two Red Shoes Ballroom Elgin on the 20Th July 1967. The gig was a sell out (not a dozen people)The light show was by Pink Floyd and it was fantastic.They were No 6 in the charts with “See Emily Play.” I played in the only support group that night. THE SLATER STREET FEW. Kindest Regards, Tommy.

  2. Willie Cran says:

    Hello, I was too young to travel from Inverness to Elgin in the early days but was one of the first in the Ballerina around 1965/6 and saw some sort of jazz band with a very short sax player. By 1968 we were regulars there, Nairn was friendly and we could drink underage in the pubs. The highlight was the Cream gig in 68. i never heard about any gang wars in Elgin.

  3. I was singer guitarist with the Toggery Five and appeared with The Groundhogs.
    The guitar player with the Groundhogs had a home made Fuzz Box. He gave me the wiring diagram which I had mad e up, and it sounded fantastic.
    We stayed at Mrs. B’s Guest House.

  4. Robert valentine says:

    Hi it was nice to see your website and bring back so many memories. I played at the Two Red Shoes and stayed at Mrs B’s Guest House in the group Unit 4 with Ricky Bowden.

    Many thanks.

  5. Bruce Welsh says:

    Hi. Great website. I just wanted to say that The Undertakers broke up in late 1966 following a tour of the U.S., not in December, 1965.

    Also, the group Sounds Incorporated, from Kent, was the group that supported The Beatles on their 1965 tour. I had the pleasure of interviewing Margo Quantrell of The Breakaways, who was married to Sounds Incorporated drummer Tony Newman, and described the experience of the Shea Stadium concert.

  6. Sandy says:

    Albert and his family owned the scrapyard ( now gone ) in Forres. He was a right character. I worked there for a few month as a teenager and he told me that he put the Beatles on in the 60`s. I was blown away. He just laughed and said they were not that good.

  7. Shirley Wishart says:

    As a student I used to work for Albert in the earky 70s in the Park Cafe and Eight Acres Hotel.

  8. Eric Massey says:

    Played at the Shoes in the band The Clearways after a big road crash. Got home with help from The Baronites manager and aquired their old bus before touring the northern clubs and winning Opportunity Knocks.Now live in France as a writer alias Jamesw Kingston and will get round someday to putting it all down on paper.

  9. Harry Denton says:

    Sneaked in the rear toilet window with local mate Josie Mcgettrick (excuse if misspelt) & oddly enough we were unceremoniously escorted out. Didn’t even get a dance.

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