December 31, 1966

January 01 – Carnival Dance

January 03 – Elgin Jazz Club New Year Revels. Dancing to The Jimmy Martin Band

January 06 – Aberdeen Students’ Charities Campaign “Rout 66” Music by The Facells

January 17 – SJPA presents Sounds Incorporated plus Sol Byron and The Senate

On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays Dancing as usual to The Jimmy Martin Band with Alyson Armstrong

Starting Tuesday February 01 – The Verandah Discotheque dancing to top pops featuring disc jockey Douglas Eames in the colourful atmosphere of the London disc-clubs

February 03 – The Mindbenders

February 10 – The Copycats

Elgin Courant Wednesday February 16, 1966: Every Tuesday – Top Of The Pops presented by disc dolly Miss Eithnie Alexander

February 24 – The Poets

March 10 – Aberdeen Students’ Charities’ Campaign “Run Riot ’66” featuring The Four Pennies

April 01 – The Students Charities Ball. Bar, breakfasts, three bands

Wednesdays – Over 25’s Night, Fridays – Late Nite, Saturdays – Palais Nite with Allysun Armstrong and the Jimmy Martin Band

April 21 – The Return of that “With-It” B.B.C. TV show Stramash satrring Sol ByronThe Three BellsThe Senate

June 16 – Another big show special with The Mindbenders and The Drovers

July 21 – The Moody Blues and The Copycats

Elgin Courant for Wednesday, July 27 announces that as of Friday 29th July, the big centre for the Friday Night Beat Scene is now Keith.

Whatever Albert Bonici’s reasons were for moving the Thursday headline acts from Elgin to Keith it was a sign of problems with the Two Red Shoes. The Ballerina Ballroom had opened in January and already it had taken over from his Elgin venue. Why this should have been the case is anyone’s guess, Nairn had a much smaller population than Elgin and Keith’s was smaller still.

It has been suggested that Elgin was in the grip of a serious gang problem and it was no longer safe for dancers to come from places like Forres despite buses being laid on. Any insight into this would be most helpful.

Elgin Courant August 03 carries the advert “Regular dancing every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday to the Jimmy Martin Band with Eithnie Alexander

August 04 – The Whingdinger Beat Show with The Overlanders and The Copycats

Elgin Courant August 10 carries the advert “Regular dancing every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday to the Jimmy Martin Band and vocalist Deirdre Cameron

October 06 – For the Jet Set and High Camp followers, it’s Teen-Beat starring The Flintlocks. The fabulous Australian group now touring Britain with their own “Down-Under” sound.

December 15 – The Rebel Sound plus The T-Set

December 29 – Krazy Karnival Knight. Admission for only 1d if it’s dated 1953. Two admitted for 1d if it’s dated 1950 and six admitted for 1d if it’s dated 1951. Free entry for curly-toothed creeps or Bald Bearded Dolls. Starring The Agents plus The Throb

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December 31, 1965

January 01 – Findhorn Water Ski Club presents New Year’s Carnival Dance

January 03 – Elgin Jazz Club presents Midnite Holiday Dance. Music by The Alex. Sutherland Band with Alyson Armstrong.

January 07 – Special Teenage Dance “Beat Away The New Year Blues” Johnny And The J.P.s plus The Copycats

January 13 – The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

January 14 – Moray Dance Club presents Dave Berry And The Cruisers. Here’s Dave with Little Things which would hit the chart in March.

January 15 – Late Night

January 16 – Palais Night

January 21 – The Copycats

January 26 – Tuesday Teen Beat Dancing recommences. Dancing to The Copycats

January 28 – SJPA presents Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders with The Alex. Sutherland Sextet. Here are Wayne and The Mindbenders performing  “Game Of Love” which will enter the chart next week and hit the number two spot and “Just A Little Bit Too Late”.

February 04 – Lulu And The Lovers

February 09 – The Leopards

February 18 – Moray Dance Club presents ex-Beatles‘ Drummer The Jimmy Nicol Sound plus The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

February 23 – Teenbeat Dancing “The Eagle Force Seven” Group

February 24 – Over 25’s Night

February 25 – Elgin Folk Music Club presents Big Beat Night with Malcolm Clarke And The Cresters, George Washington and the Senators, The Stepping Stones, The Leopards, The Jacobeats, The Alex. Sutherland Band

March 11 – The Swinging Blue Jeans, seen above with “Shake, Rattle And Roll” and “Good Golly, Miss Molly” from last year’s NME Pollwinners Concert.

March 18 – The Honeycombs

March 25 – Elgin Jazz Club presents Them

April 08 – Moray Dance Club presents Unit 4 + 2 (seen here with “Concrete And Clay”) plus The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

April 15 – Goldie And The Gingerbreads plus The Boomerangs and The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

April 22 – The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

April 29 – Irish Showband The Viceroys and Liverpool recording group The Mighty Avengers

May 06 – Elgin Jazz Club presents The “I Can’t Explain” Group The Who plus The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

May 13 – Findhorn Water Ski Club presents Neil Landon And The Burnettes

May 27 – The Searchers plus The Rats

June 03 – Moray Dance Club presents The Measles plus The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

June 10 – SJPA presents The Fabulous Lectrones plus The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

June 17 – Irish Showband The Drumbeats

June 24 – Moray Dance Club presents The Four Pennies plus The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

July 15 – Modern Dancing Enterprises “Night Of The Beat People”

July 22 – Fitz-N-Starts

August 02 – Elgin Jazz Club “Holiday Dance”

August 11 – Over 25’s Night

August 12 – Star Night with Johnny Peters And The J.P.s

August 13 – Late Night

August 14 – Palais Night

August 18 – Over 25’s Night

August 20 – Late Night

August 21 – Palais Night

August 25 – Over 25’s Night

August 26 – Kris Ryan And The Questions

August 27 – Late Night

August 28 – Palais Night

September 01 – Over 25’s Night

September 02 – No Dance

September 03 – Late Night

September 04 – Palais Night

September 08 – Over 25’s Night

September 09 – The Manchester Playboys

September 10 – Late Night

September 11 – Palais Night

September 15 – Over 25’s Night

September 16 – Elgin Dance Club presents The Peasants and The Jimmy Martin Band

September 17 – Late Night

September 18 – Palais Night

September 23 – Elgin Jazz Club presents The Toggery Five plus The Groundhogs. The Toggery Five were a Manchester band named after a clothes shop in Southport. They only released two singles. This, their second, “I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys”, was written by Andrew Loog Oldham and Keith Richards.

October 01 – Late Night with The Sandy West Dance Band

October 02 – Palais Night

October 07 – Moray Dance Club presents The Mighty Avengers plus The Delinks

October 12 – Moray Dance Club presents The Ivy League, seen here with their number 8 hit from earlier this year, “Funny How Love Can Be”.

October 14 – Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen

October 21 – Thursday’s Chart Cart – The new style Thursday night entertainment to the jet set with Douglas Eames as resident D.J. All the tops from the pops with special guest group The Kubas

October 28 – Elgin Folk Music Club present The group to set the heather on fire George Fame And The Blue Flames

November 09 – SJP Association present The Nashville Teens, seen above performing “Tobacco Road” on the U.S. TV show, Shindig! back in March.

November 11 – Chart Cart Nite. Guest group Phil Ryan And The Crescents

November 18 – Chart Cart Nite. Guest group The Washington D.C.s

November 25 – Chart Cart Nite. Guest group The Powerhouse Six plus Johnny Cannon

The Northern Scot dated Saurday December 4th, 1965 carried the notification “Thursday dancing discontinued until further notice”

December 17 – Sounds Incorporated

December 24 – Christmas Eve Carnival Dance

December 25 – Christmas Day Dance

December 30 – The Copycats Fan Club present after their successful two-moth tour of the German high spots a welcome home to The Copycats in their Mask ball ’65 (Bring your own face and we’ll supply the mask)

December 31 – Hogmanay Dance

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December 31, 1962

January 01 – New Year’s Day Carnival

January 11 – Eden Kane (pictured above) with The Jay Walkers

January 13 – Teenage waltz competition

January 18 – The Allisons (seen above with “Are You Sure”, their number 2 hit from last year which came second in 1961’s Eurovision Song Contest) with Dru Harvey and The Jokers

January 25 – Selection of “Miss Fochabers 1961” in the “Miss Bristol” competition

January 26 – Grand finals of the North Of Scotland Jiving Championships for “The Capstan Cup” and selection of “Miss Bristol” 1961

January 27 – Teen attraction – 1st heat of the Elgin jiving competition

February 08 – Dancing to The Alex Sutherland Sextet

February 15 – Jim McHarg and His Scotsville Jazzmen (this line-up is thought to include Jack Bruce)

February 22 – The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

February 23 – The Glasgow J.W. Formation Dancing Team demonstrating The Checker Twist

March 01 – Emile Ford‘s old backing group – The Original Checkmates plus The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

March 06 – 738 Squadron Dance

March 15 – Emile Ford and The Fordettes (one advert lists them as The New Checkmates)

March 24 – Special Teen Attraction – Second heat of Elgin teen twist contest

March 29 – Florrie Cairns (above) And The Clansmen with Fionna Duncan

March 30 – The Charities Ball

March 31 – The Arts Ball

April 05 – Bob Wallis and Storyville Jazzmen

April 12 – Craig Douglas. Here he is on the BBC’s, “Pops & Lenny” show with, “Lonesome me” from later in the year.

April 19 – Kenny Ball Jazzmen supported by Dean Kerr’s East Coast Jazzmen

April 26 – Danny Williams

April 28 – Special teen attraction Go-Ma-Go Show band star Colin Day with The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

May 03 – Dick Charlesworth and His City Gents

May 10 – The Karl Denver Trio

May 11 – Sounds Incorporated. I’ve mistakenly assumed that Sounds Incorporated were the American band who supported The Beatles on tour in the U.S. but the band of the same name featured above was formed in Kent in 1961 and signed up by Brian Epstein. His links with Albert Bonici make me think this is the band seen at The Two Red Shoes.

May 12 – The afternoon teen dance will be discontinued after today. Restarting again in the autumn

May 17 – Al Saxon (pictured above)

May 24 – Double attraction – The Mudlarks and Donna Douglas

May 31 – Eurovision Song Contest winner Ronnie Carroll seen above performing “Ring-A-Ding Girl”

June 07 – The Terry Lightfoot Jazz Band

June 08 – The Elgin Dairy Princess in the £ 500 Dairy Queen contest

June 14 – Young Unionists’ Annual Dance

June 21 – Shane Fenton And The Fentones. Here’s Shane with “Magic” from the film, “Play It Cool” which hit cinema screen around now.

June 28 – The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

July 05 – Duke D’Mond And His Baron Knights (sic)

July 12 – The Viscounts. Gordon Mills, in the centre of the picture above, went on to manage Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck.

July 26 – Jimmy Crawford and The Ravens

August 02 – Emile Ford and The Fordettes

August 09 – Rock ‘N’ Trad Night – The Original Checkmates plus Andy Elsdon Jazzband

August 16 – Night Sounds

August 23 – Don Charles

August 30 – Mal Ryder and The Spirits

September 06 – Another double star attraction The Mike Cotton Jazzmen plus The Viscounts

September 13 – Jimmy Justice And The Excheckers.  Jimmy (seen above) had two top ten hits earlier in the year and reached number 20 around this time with “Spanish Harlem”. He hit the front page of Melody Maker in July with news that after a season of Sunday concerts in Blackpool ended in the middle of September, he was flying to the States for a number of TV dates.

September 20 – Forrie Cairns And The Clansmen plus Jay and Terry Scott

September 25 – Jet Harris and The Jet Blacks. Here’s Jet with “Main Title Theme (from “Man With The Golden Arm”)” which hit the charts last month and stayed there for 11 weeks.

September 27 – The Springfields, seen above with their hit, “Island Of Dreams”

October 04 – David McBeth

October 18 – Craig Douglas plus Johnny and Mike with The Shades

October 25 – Bobby Angelo with Susan Terry and The Tuxedos

November 01 – The Avons

November 08 – The Baron Knights (sic)

November 15 – Don Charles and Gerry Reno

November 20 – Recomencement of Saturday teen dancing

November 22 – Pop package show with The Charlie Galbraith Jazzmen, Barry James And The Strangers with Garry and Lee

November 29 – Bruce Turner Jump Band

December 06 – Jimmy Crawford And The Ravens plus The Checkmates

December 07 – Semi-finals of “Miss North Of Scotland 1962”

December 13 – Shane Fenton And The Fentones

December 20 – Chance Gordon

December 24 – Elgin Folk Music Club carnival

December 25 – The Aberdeen University Students’ Campaign presents A Christmas Beatnik Ball

December 31 – The Hogmanay Dance

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December 31, 1961

January 02 – Elgin City Supporters’ Club The New Year’s Midnight Fling

Fridays dancing 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. Saturdays dancing 8 – 11.30 p.m.

January 12 – Modern Dancing Enterprises presents Elgin heat in the North Of Scotland Jiving Championships for the W.D. & H.O. Wills “Capstans Cup”

January 25 – Post Office Engineers’ Annual Dance

February 08 – Moray and Nairn Badmington Association Annual Ball

February 28 – The Playhouse Cinema Staff Dance

March 31 – Finals of the jiving championships

Thursdays dancing 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. with the resident band

April 06 – Charlie Gall And His Jazzmen plus Alex. Sutherland Par Four with Pablo Martinez and Nita Cowley

April 20 – Finals of “Who Is The Beat Girl 1961?” competition

April 27 – Tubby Hayes Quartet. Tubby (seen above) in full blow.

Monday nights – Tombola Night with The Moray Rugby Club

May 04 – Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor and The Galliards

May 25 – A.H.U. Spring dance

June 15 – Winners of the 1960 All Scotland Jazzband Championship – Andy Lothian And His East Coast Jazzmen, with Sheila on vocal

June 29 – Return visit of the Charlie Gall Jazz Band featuring the trombone of Cyril Preston

July 20 – The ex-Ken Colyer player Mac Duncan And His Jazzmen

July 27 – Robin Hall And Jimmie McGregor supported by The Alex. Sutherland Sextet

August 03 – The Dick Williams Jazzmen

August 10 – Bert Weedon and his guitar

August 17 – The Original Downtown Syncopators of “I’ve Got A Talking Picture Of You” fame

August 24 – The Kenny Ball Jazzmen

September 28 – Jean Lambe and The Mike Cotton Jazzmen

October 12 – Clinton Ford (above) with the Cyril Preston Jazzmen

October 19 – Shane Fenton and The Fentones with The Alex. Sutherland Sextet. Here’s Shane with, “I’m A Moody Guy” which entered the chart this week.

October 20 – Special 2-Band Friday Night Show – The rocking daddy Sonny Brummel And His Playboys joining The Alex Sutherland Sextet

October 26 – Scotland’s own showband The Johnny Douglas “New Beat” Combo with Lindsey Scott plus The Alex Sutherland Sextet

October 27 – The New City Jazzmen join The Alex Sutherland Sextet in a two-band show

October 31 – The Springfields, seen above with, “Wimoweh”.

November 02 – The Clyde Valley Stompers

November 09 – Gene Vincent with Sounds Incorporated plus The Alex Sutherland Sextet

November 16 – Erle Jacobson with The Erle Blue Stars

November 23 – King of the trumpet – Kenny Baker (above)

November 24 – New City Jazzmen

November 20 – The Elgin heats of the North of Scotland Jiving Championships plus the selection of “Miss Elgin” in the contest for “Miss Bristol” (N.E. of Scotland) 1961.

December 07 – The Brook Brothers. Here they are with “Double Trouble”

December 08 – Special 2-Band Show with The Apaches joining our resident group

December 09 – Saturday afternoon “Teen Dancing”. Music by the rocking beat of The Sabres

December 14 – The Chris Lamb Showmen

December 21 – The Bluegrass Boy, Johnny Duncan with The Alex Sutherland Sextet

December 24 – Jim Reddie And His Tuxedo Jazzmen

December 25 – Xmas Dance

December 26 – The Elgin Academy F.P.’s Annual Ball

December 28 – The Jim McHarg Jazzmen

December 30 – Teenage jiving competition

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